Selling Your Houston Condo or Townhome

If you own a condo or a townhome in the greater Houston metro area that you want sold for the highest price with the least amount of stress and in the shortest period of time you have come to the right place. When a real estate Brokerage offers services for only one specific type of property and clientele, it is imperative that you be the best in your field without exception.
We take the term specialist seriously…

Is a local Brokerage?

All of our team members live and work in the Houston metro area.

How is different from the rest?

The biggest difference in our approach and strategy is that we specialize in just one type of property, condos and townhomes.
The real estate industry has undergone a radical transformation in recent years as a result of the internet.

Real time information in many cases is now readily available to the consumer.  Buyer’s and seller’s now have access to information that once was only available to them from a Realtor or Broker.
This availability and access allows the consumer to do their research and due diligence on their own terms well in advance of them having a
need to interact with a Realtor or Broker.
Not only do we understand that, we have created all of our Brokerage models with the consumer’s needs and privacy in mind.

We get it…

Can my property be listed for sale if it is currently leased?

Yes, but only on two important conditions. The first condition is making sure that your tenant is on board and is willing to be cooperative in keeping the property presentable
and  a
vailable for showings with little advance notice. Often times, a prospective client will want to view your property with as little as one hour’s notice.

The second condition is that the current lease must be within 60 days of expiring when the property is listed initially.

Can I cancel my listing agreement if I am not happy?

Absolutely, If at any time either you or us is not happy with the progress being made, either of us may cancel the listing agreement for any reason…
And we put that in writing when we list your property. We want to earn your business!

If I list my property with
how frequently can I expect to hear from you?

When you retain us to represent your interests you become
a valued client not just a number.
We are very selective in choosing the properties that we
believe that we can successfully market.

Our success is determined and measured by our results,
not activity or the number of listings that we represent.

Is it true that most prospective buyer’s find their next home by searching the internet?

The most recent research shows that upwards of 90% of consumers conduct the majority of their real estate research on line.
Ultimately, these consumers will typically compile a list of their top prospects that they have an interest in either visiting or receiving more information.

All before they ever contact a real estate agent.


Here Are Just Some Of The Real Estate Websites That All
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